Building Certification in regional areas

Ensuring that a building, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial meets the required criteria to obtain a certificate of design compliance then a building permit is often an arduous task. Go West Certifiers aim to make the process as pain free as possible with our extensive industry expertise and team of dedicated building certifiers. We offer informed advice and industry relevant suggestions, to help ensure you achieve a compliant building design to satisfy the appropriate Permit Authority. 

What will certification do for you?

Employing a professional building surveyor to assist with meeting the relevant Building Code and Australian Standard requirements helps establish yourself or your company as an industry leader who only employs a standard of best practice. In an industry already flooded with competition, this is invaluable to separate yourself from those who lack a certificate and put you on the same equal playing field as those who do. Clients expect a reliable and quality assured construction professional, so ensure your workmanship is backed up with the right endorsements.

What we offer Regional clients

Our Surveyor team can help with proposed construction projects and existing structures to obtain certificates of design and building compliance
We can provide assistance with residential, commercial or industry dwellings

  • Building Code Compliance Assessments
  • Certificates of Design Compliance
  • Assistance achieving building code compliance and receiving approval from the local government

Our certifiers always strive to give you a fair and realistic evaluation of your situation and tell you exactly what you need to know to achieve your desired results. We know the industry extremely well and can use our professional position to your advantage by providing trade tips and insider knowledge.

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