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Building Compliance

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There are a stringent set of guidelines in place to assess whether a new or existing building complies with the necessary criteria to satisfy the requirements of certification. Certificates of design and building compliance in Perth ensure that the construction of a structure has met an acceptable standard of safety and that the workers involved are treated fairly as building industry laws dictate. Failing to meet these standards and obtaining certification, whilst allowing the structure to become operational can result in heavy penalties for breaching the codes of compliance.        

If you’re concerned that your dwelling won’t meet this criteria, or if you’re simply uncertain
on the matter, Go West Certifiers can help guide you through the process and offer advice
and suggestions to ensure that you achieve your certificate of building compliance. We’re
the experts at what we do and our dedicated team can help educate you to provide you
with the tools for your own success.

Whether the residential or commercial premise is new or old, we can assist in ensuring
you achieve your appropriate certification with the least amount of stress or complications.
For new buildings and proposals, we can guide you through the initial process to obtain
a certificate of design compliance for your local Perth dwelling, servicing areas such as Midland, Mandurah and Morley.

It’s in your best interests to obtain a certificate of compliance for a number of reasons beyond ensuring workplace safety and worker rights. For one, it shall open up doorways in terms of work opportunities from Australian Government funded construction projects who require a certified builder or contractor.

Another important factor is the effect it has in shaping the reputation of your company or your individual workmanship, by achieving a standard of best practice. This will be extremely fundamental in securing future clients who desire a building design which meets all the correct standards, whilst portraying yourself as a reliable industry professional.

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